mission opportunities both locally and around the world:

                       Operation Christmas Child - months of October & November

Safe NightsSheltering the homeless at DBC in the winter

month of January.  Call the church office for more information.

Missionaries and Church Plants:


                                                      East Baltimore Graffiti Church in Baltimore

​                                                      https://ebgraffiti.org/  


Missionary Kathy Gould in Ukraine

​Visit Kathy's Website:  https://abclife.info

                                                          Missionaries The Van Warts in Uganda

​                                                          Visit our webpage

Short-Term Missions scholarships available for individuals interested in overseas missions opportunities


​MissionsDevelopment Team

The Missions Development Team exists to mobilize DBC members for participation in mission opportunities both locally and around the world.  They raise awareness for missionary efforts, promote missions giving, and coordinate missions and outreach events. 

The team spearheads two annual offerings, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  The team also supports the County’s Food Pantry, health kits for the needy and the Safe Night Program providing a week of shelter and food for the homeless during the Winter months.

Contact: Missions Development Team



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