Coffee and Refreshments served at HeBrews Cafe from 8:30-8:55​​



Classes are from Nursery through Adult each Sunday morning.  We're expecting you!

For more information, please contact the church office • 301-855-3555• Email

Email the office to learn more about serving in our Sunday School ministry.

Children's Classes
Class                                                    Teacher                                               Location
Nursery: 0-1                                        Jordan Dexter                                    Children's Wing

Toddlers: 2-3 Years                             Jenell Nukolczak & Jen Heusted         Children's Wing              Pre-School: 4-5 Years                         Debi Walton                                      Children's Wing
Children: K – 2nd Grade                      Ricca Baker & Allison Worth               Children's Wing

Children: 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade          Bonnie Pritchett & Barbara Taylor       Children's Wing
Student Classes
Class                                                      Teacher                                             Location
Middle School: 6th – 8th Grade             Tina Wilson (girls)                         Connect Center

Middle School: 6th - 8th Grade​             Pastor Chris Garrett (boys)           Connect Center
High School Girls: 9th – 12th Grade      Lindsay Holland                           Connect Center

High School Boys: 9th – 12th Grade      Tim Dexter                                  Connect Center​

Adult Classes
Class                                                      Teacher                                           Location
Digging Deeper                                     Marty Hunter                               Fellowship Hall

                                                             John Heusted
Mixed Adult                                          Bill Moffatt                                   Office Wing

                                                             Ronny Samuels & Jeff Larsen

​​Women's Class​                                     Debbie Swann                              Children's Wing
Young Parents/Adults                          Jason Cole                                   Fellowship Hall Wing

​                                                            Greg & Jena McNeill

Foundations of Faith       ​                    Steve Wilson                                 Office Wing

Explore The Bible                                Ed Wilcher                                    Fellowship Hall Wing

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