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MISSION Statement

DBC’s Women’s Ministry exists to sanctify every woman through love, acceptance, encouragement, by equipping each other to pursue a passionate, growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and share that relationship by serving others in love, making great friends along the way.

Monthly Fellowship - mission driven

Join us monthly, day and time will alter so please check the event calendar, church bulletin, or our Facebook page and come share in sisterly fellowship with coffee, tea & desserts. Bring a dessert or snack to share and bring a friend!

Contact: Tammy Worth Email or (240) 821-0106

WHEN:  May 24, 2019
TIME:  6PM - 9PM
WHERE: DBC Fellowship Hall
WHO: Women and young ladies
BRING: Bring a friend, Bible and a dessert to share.

Open meeting to fellowship, share your testimony and study God's word

​together.  Spread the word to all the women in the church.  


women's ministry

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